🌏1% Donated to charity

Sustainability & Animal Welfare Are At Our Core!

As a company, we are profoundly dedicated to safeguarding and nurturing the planet we inhabit. In pursuit of this commitment, we have consciously selected earth-friendly blockchains boasting some of the lowest energy consumption rates globally. We fully recognise the significance of preserving our planet and its diverse inhabitants, which is why we pledge to donate 1% of Sheertopia's total token supply to charities that resonate with our core values of animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

We firmly believe in our responsibility to contribute to the well-being of our planet and the creatures with whom we share it. We understand that even the smallest of actions can yield significant impacts, and we hope that our endeavours will inspire others to undertake similar measures to protect and conserve our planet. To ensure that our community plays an active role in this process, we will present a selection of pertinent charities for our community to vote on each month. The allocation of tokens for charity will be distributed based on the following phasing: 1% of our total supply equals 420,000 tokens, divided by 100, resulting in a monthly allocation of 4,200 tokens until exhausted.

We place great emphasis on transparency, which is why we will conduct all donations on the blockchain with complete openness. We acknowledge that Mother Earth and animal welfare hold a special place in many hearts, and we are privileged to contribute positively in these areas. Our passion for making a difference drives us, and we hope that our actions will encourage others to follow suit. Collectively, we can shape a brighter future for our world and its inhabitants.

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