📄$AMBO/$GRASS Tokenomics

TOKENOMICS SPREADSHEET: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1otfKF24jtQT5JPGcnDOdohOEArdMM6QxekNKcMQg4YE/edit#gid=0

  • Tokenomics Document for $AMBO (Governance Token)

    Token Name: $AMBO (Governance Token)

    Token Supply: 42.0 Million

    Token Generation Event (TGE):

    • 5% of the total supply will be unlocked and circulating for investors immediately following the TGE. This will be achieved through a smart contract function that will release the tokens to the investors' addresses.

Deflationary Mechanism:

  • The $AMBO Governance Token will have a deflationary mechanism built in, where a small percentage of tokens will be burned each time they are sold. This will decrease the overall supply of $AMBO tokens over time, increasing the scarcity of each remaining token.

Use Cases:

  • Staking: $AMBO token holders will have the ability to stake their tokens and earn NFT’s, CRYPTOCURRENCY and GRASS our in-game token, as rewards.

  • Governance

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